Let's work together to protect your business

Trademark Registration

If you want to own your branding and make sure no one else steals your perfect business name (or course name, method name, or logo), you need a trademark.

Trademark registration is a long and complicated process - but you don't have to do it alone (and I wouldn't recommend it!).

When we work together to register your trademark, all you have to do is tell me what you want to protect and I take care of the rest. 


Legal Chat

This 20-minute Zoom call is perfect for asking quick legal questions, figuring out which contract or program is right for you, or gaining clarity on a small legal issue.


Legal Strategy Session

 Our Legal Strategy Sessions are a great way to talk through your legal questions and create a plan to protect your business. 

In this in-depth call, we'll walk through the 6 legal areas that impact your risks and profit in business and answer any legal questions you have.

You'll come away with a detailed action plan to make sure you're covered on all sides plus the meeting recording to refer back to any time.